ProSoft360 is a type of chiropractic instrument that is used in the context of muscle testing, specifically for manual muscle testing (MMT). MMT is a technique used by chiropractors to evaluate the function of the neuromuscular system and identify muscle imbalances or weaknesses. It is a handheld device that measures the force and resistance of muscle contractions during MMT. It uses an accelerometer to detect the motion of the muscle being tested and transmits this information to a computer program, which provides real-time feedback to the practitioner.

The Pro Soft 360 is intended to provide a more accurate and objective measurement of muscle strength and function compared to traditional MMT methods, which rely on subjective assessments by the practitioner.

By using the ProSoft360, we can identify and address muscle imbalances more effectively, which can improve overall neuromuscular function and help reduce pain and discomfort in their patients.

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